Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2 Days of Adventure

In the name of Allah and may peace be upon you :)

it's been really long huh since i last updated this blog. well, where to start :D

erm, i'm 18 now and have graduated from high school. so, it's been more than a month now and just waiting for the results that may will be announced in March. at the time being, i'm just staying at home and being a "housemaid".

so, a few days back, there was this Open House event at all the polytechnics in Singapore. and i only had the chance to go to only one poly. i went there with my bestest buddy, Farahin Shamsul :)

after having lunch with Firdaus Ali at Mcdonalds, we went to Ngee Ann Poly by bus :)

there weren't much at Ngee Ann. since daus was interested in engineering, so we went to that section and he took a booklet. there weren't courses that Farah and i wanted, so we went to take the goodie bags :)

 we then headed to Causeway Point and it was like heaven cause there were so many SALES ! but we didnt bought anything cause we dont have much money to spend. so, we bought some food from Old Chang Kee and sandwiches at 7-Eleven :)

as we arrived JB, we decided to go to Singapore again the next day. so, that night, i slept over at Farah's house. i had a warm welcome from the whole family cause they knew me and it felt really comfortable :)

the next day, we left her home earlier and head to Singapore. that day was a lil bit more tiring cause we didnt get seats in the bus, there was a traffic jam at the checkpoint and we had to wait for Daus to meet up. 

since we arrived earlier than we expected, i decided to take Farah to my workplace to meet my sister. and to collect paycheck. thanks goodness she were there and my $150 :)

we had lunch at MOS Burger and head to Tampines to meet Daus. but, as expected he had to perform the Friday prayers and gonna meet us after that. 

if you had your pay, and there were SALES all over, wouldnt you go shopping ? :D and that was just what we did :)


we bought 2 pairs of shoes each at Rubi. 2 for $30 for me and 2 for $10 for Farah. isn't that a really good bargain ? :D

and as usual, i will always go to my favorite store. Cotton On :) 2 shirts for love which only cost $20 :D

i also shopped a blouse for myself at the bus interchange. in the end, we really felt tired of waiting for him and decided that we dont think we wanna go to the polys. so, we told him we that we're going back to JB cause we were rushing. but girls will always be girls. we love shopping and we just cant stop looking at stuff we really love. Farah was searching a bag and scarves. so, we look for it at Bugis but unfortunately, didnt any of it that catch our attention.

after dropping by a shop to another, we felt really tired and headed to the bus station to immigration.  

didnt expect could meet Farhan Ali at MPH. our primary school classmate and the kindest boy in class :) we also saw Aisyah Nabila when we were eating at Baskin Robbins. 

so i guess thats it. took a pic before heading home. 

thanks babe for having me and i had a really great time. you're absolutely my best friend. ever :')

Farahin Shamsul & Aakifah Lukman

thanks for reading earthlings ! :)